The cutest thing in the history of mankind: The sequel

Some of you may remember when I shared the cutest thing in the history of mankind a couple years ago. Well, Isaiah was three years old at the time. Now, he’s five, and he’s still playing Mass. It turns out that one of the professors here at the seminary (actually, the academic dean since last academic year), Dr. Tom Neal, is friends with this family, and he passed along this video. Continue reading “The cutest thing in the history of mankind: The sequel”

A Video from the Seminarian Retreat

This week, the Seminarians from the Diocese of Nashville had our annual retreat. We spent a 4 days in Cullman, Alabama, at the Benedictine Abbey there, St. Bernard. The retreat was preached by Bishop Sample, the bishop of Marquette, MI. This is a short video I took on my camera of him speaking during the retreat. Continue reading “A Video from the Seminarian Retreat”