A plea to girls and women everywhere – Inspired by The Man of La Mancha

IMG_1638_Red“May I set the stage?”

I probably have alluded this before, but it came to mind recently. In case it’s interesting, I was doing my lap-swimming in the pool a few days ago, and I had decided listen to The Man of La Mancha while I was swimming (can I just point out that waterproof mp3 players are an awesome idea?). Continue reading “A plea to girls and women everywhere – Inspired by The Man of La Mancha”

One-Minute Writer: Child’s Play

Today, I am introducing a new feature to my blog. I stumbled a while back on a website called The One-Minute Writer. I don’t recall how I found it, but the author provides a daily prompt with the plan that people will spend one minute writing based on the prompt. Now, let’s be serious, I have never in my life written something in only a minute. Anyone who has ever met me, heard of me, seen me walking by on the street, or been in the same crowded arena as me knows that I’m far too long winded to keep any writing down to a minute. However, I am going to use her prompts to give me something to write about in an attempt to always keep something new on my blog for my faithful reader(s). Fair warning, though, since I’m just using her prompts to think of something to write, they will probably rarely be the actual prompt for the day. Continue reading “One-Minute Writer: Child’s Play”