A philosopher and a theologian  walk into a bar

I think you’re going to start seeing more of me.

I started this blog after I had begun to work on applying and attending seminary, but a few years before I finally applied and was accepted as a seminarian for the Diocese of Nashville. At the beginning, it was a bit of a catharsis to deal with some challenges in my life at the time. I also thought it would be a fun hobby and keep me busy. Continue reading “A philosopher and a theologian  walk into a bar”

The cutest thing in the history of mankind: The sequel

Some of you may remember when I shared the cutest thing in the history of mankind a couple years ago. Well, Isaiah was three years old at the time. Now, he’s five, and he’s still playing Mass. It turns out that one of the professors here at the seminary (actually, the academic dean since last academic year), Dr. Tom Neal, is friends with this family, and he passed along this video. Continue reading “The cutest thing in the history of mankind: The sequel”

Are Christians made by walls?

One often hears debates over what it means to be Christian. Does it mean participating in an institutional Church? Does it mean “accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior”? Does it mean living out his instructions? Well, I was reflecting and praying about that before Mass this morning, and I wrote about it in my journal. My conclusion: it is all three; they are inseparable; one cannot truly exist without the other two. I should say that this was prompted from an exchange in Augustine’s Confessions Book 8. Continue reading “Are Christians made by walls?”

Never waste suffering – Part II: The reflection

Author’s note: It might be helpful, if you haven’t already, to read Never waste suffering: Part I: The narrative so you know the story of what happened.

Archbishop Hughes visited me while I was injured and in bed on two occasions. On each visit, he offered some advice that stuck in my head:

It is important that we never waste suffering.


You have been given a gift to participate in the sufferings of Christ and the Paschal Mystery. Those mysteries that we enter into symbolically in the Triduum, you are actually experiencing.

Continue reading “Never waste suffering – Part II: The reflection”

Never waste suffering – Part I: The narrative

5K Finish Line
Crossing the finish line at 45 minutes in my first, and what would prove to be my only 5K.

I was doing so well.
I was running and training and trying to be healthy several times a week.
I ran my first 5K.
I was getting healthy.
I was facing down my demons from life and growing to know, accept, and love myself.
Then, as Lent wound to a close, some of the greatest trials you can imagine came to challenge me.
A friend shut me out of their life.
I bent down wrong and threw my back out.
Things began to unravel.
Why today? Why now? Continue reading “Never waste suffering – Part I: The narrative”