Doomed to fail and I'm happy about that

IMG_6588As a rule, when someone picks a career path, they have a reasonable expectation – or at least a hope of success. On top of that, the systems to train and prepare people for some of the more difficult careers are designed in such a way that those who would be unable to successfully practice those professions are either weeded out during the preparation or denied entry in the first place. Continue readingDoomed to fail and I’m happy about that

A confirmation homily

confirmationHere’s the background on this one. I am working on my midterm exam for Sacramental Theology class on the Sacraments of Initiation. It is a take-home exam, and one of the questions asks me to write a homily for celebrating a confirmation. Now, the probability of me ever being a bishop or celebrating a confirmation Mass approaches zero, but it was an interesting assignment, and, since no one will ever hear me say this homily, I thought I’d share it for the world to read. Plus, it’s an easy way to get an extra blog post in this week! Win! Continue reading “A confirmation homily”

The fountain pen ritual How God can be seen in the most mundane of tasks

IMG_2411I not infrequently tell people of my belief that we can find analogs to the spiritual life all over everyday life if we keep our eyes open and take the time to reflect on them. I was chatting with one of the guys here at the seminary (a year or so ago now) and reflecting on how much I enjoy the ritual of filling a fountain pen. Initially, I was just waxing poetic about how pleasant the ritual is, but we realized as we talked that there’s an analog to the spiritual life to be found. Continue readingThe fountain pen ritual How God can be seen in the most mundane of tasks

A philosopher and a theologian  walk into a bar

I think you’re going to start seeing more of me.

I started this blog after I had begun to work on applying and attending seminary, but a few years before I finally applied and was accepted as a seminarian for the Diocese of Nashville. At the beginning, it was a bit of a catharsis to deal with some challenges in my life at the time. I also thought it would be a fun hobby and keep me busy. Continue reading “A philosopher and a theologian  walk into a bar”

Reflections from a man preparing to begin formal theological studies

I have been thinking for a few weeks about what’s to come, now. I’m at the tail end of my studies in philosophy in preparation for theology. Monday, I will have my final evaluation in Pre-Theology, which includes a vote on whether or not I should advance to the theologate. Then, God-willing, I will be in three years a deacon; in four years, I will be a priest of Jesus Christ and entrusted with the care of souls. “How do I feel about that?” you might ask. Well, even if you don’t, I’m going to tell you because hey, this is my blog. The answer is Terrified. Mortified. Petrified. Stupefied. (Please give yourself 1 point if you caught that movie reference.) Continue reading “Reflections from a man preparing to begin formal theological studies”

A Video from the Seminarian Retreat

This week, the Seminarians from the Diocese of Nashville had our annual retreat. We spent a 4 days in Cullman, Alabama, at the Benedictine Abbey there, St. Bernard. The retreat was preached by Bishop Sample, the bishop of Marquette, MI. This is a short video I took on my camera of him speaking during the retreat. Continue reading “A Video from the Seminarian Retreat”