The story of a man

This was my journal entry during my holy hour a few months back. It has delayed publishing because I wanted to clean it up a little with the help of a few trusted friends to give advice on it. Some advice I took. Some I opted to go my own way. I should also point out that I wrote this about a man simply because it is a bit of self reflection, and (in case you didn’t know), I am a man. I didn’t want to use sexually neutral pronouns because the reflection was to follow a single person in life – even though there are some points where we watch a choice that has to happen, and we have no way to know which way our man chose to go. Continue reading “The story of a man”

Psalm 63 – O God, you are my God

The following entry is an expansion of a journal entry from my holy hour on All Saints Day. I found myself drawn – as I often am – to the first two verses of Psalm 63. I decided to go with it. This post is the same basic content that I wrote during that holy hour. I just expanded here and there and cleaned it up to make sense. My actual journal entries are generally even more rambly than my blog. Continue reading “Psalm 63 – O God, you are my God”

Are Christians made by walls?

One often hears debates over what it means to be Christian. Does it mean participating in an institutional Church? Does it mean “accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior”? Does it mean living out his instructions? Well, I was reflecting and praying about that before Mass this morning, and I wrote about it in my journal. My conclusion: it is all three; they are inseparable; one cannot truly exist without the other two. I should say that this was prompted from an exchange in Augustine’s Confessions Book 8. Continue reading “Are Christians made by walls?”

Reflections from a man preparing to begin formal theological studies

I have been thinking for a few weeks about what’s to come, now. I’m at the tail end of my studies in philosophy in preparation for theology. Monday, I will have my final evaluation in Pre-Theology, which includes a vote on whether or not I should advance to the theologate. Then, God-willing, I will be in three years a deacon; in four years, I will be a priest of Jesus Christ and entrusted with the care of souls. “How do I feel about that?” you might ask. Well, even if you don’t, I’m going to tell you because hey, this is my blog. The answer is Terrified. Mortified. Petrified. Stupefied. (Please give yourself 1 point if you caught that movie reference.) Continue reading “Reflections from a man preparing to begin formal theological studies”

The love we deserve: Thoughts inspired by The Perks of Being a Wallflower

For several months, I have been asked to write a blog entry about the intersection between faith and media—movies, music, etc.—and I have been rolling it around in my head. Well, my dear reader(s), the day has finally come. I just returned from watching the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which I do recommend if you can watch it. It just reiterated a thought that has been growing in me for even longer. That is, if we look for it, there is no activity, movie, music, or encounter that cannot and will not, if we let it and look for it, deepen and strengthen our faith and give us fodder for reflection on God. There used to be a ad campaign for some bank or other that questioned things like, “What can riding a motorcycle teach us about investing?” If we can learn about investing from random parts of life, how much more we can learn of Truth! Continue reading “The love we deserve: Thoughts inspired by The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

A Poem from St. Thérèse of Lisieux – To Live of Love

St. Therese

This is a poem written by St. Thérèse. I first found it in a book I am reading, Maurice and Thérèse that chronicles a relationship in letters between the saint in her last years with a young seminarian who had written to Carmel asking for a sister to be devoted to praying for him. I highly recommend the book. Continue reading “A Poem from St. Thérèse of Lisieux – To Live of Love”