Mr. Father: Tear down that wall! The curse of cry rooms

Until I was about 7, I went to a parish that had a “cry room.” In my youth, I thought it a neat idea. This way, children could be loud during Mass. When I was old enough, I graduated from the cry room to sit with the rest of the people. When I was 7, my family moved, and we changed parishes. This new parish, built long ago and with old Spanish architecture, lacked any such accommodation. Continue readingMr. Father: Tear down that wall! The curse of cry rooms

Wives be subordinate to your husbands Husbands love your wives

Holy-Family-e1363717547408This is the preached version of my homily for the Holy Family. I preached this at St. Philip Catholic Church in Franklin, Tennessee, on the weekend of December 26 and 27, 2015. The text for this homily is here. Just remember, what I actually said is not necessarily what I wrote. These often differ a bit. Continue readingWives be subordinate to your husbands Husbands love your wives

Homily for the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Year C

I am going to go out on a limb, here. I am going to preach today on Paul’s rule for Christian households. “Wives, be subordinate to your husbands.” (Col 3:18) With that line, the husbands are smiling and nodding – a few probably are elbowing their wives to say, “See?” Believe it or not, There are a lot of wives who aren’t particularly fond of this verse. Continue reading “Homily for the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Year C”

The story of a man

This was my journal entry during my holy hour a few months back. It has delayed publishing because I wanted to clean it up a little with the help of a few trusted friends to give advice on it. Some advice I took. Some I opted to go my own way. I should also point out that I wrote this about a man simply because it is a bit of self reflection, and (in case you didn’t know), I am a man. I didn’t want to use sexually neutral pronouns because the reflection was to follow a single person in life – even though there are some points where we watch a choice that has to happen, and we have no way to know which way our man chose to go. Continue reading “The story of a man”

One-Minute Writer: Child’s Play

Today, I am introducing a new feature to my blog. I stumbled a while back on a website called The One-Minute Writer. I don’t recall how I found it, but the author provides a daily prompt with the plan that people will spend one minute writing based on the prompt. Now, let’s be serious, I have never in my life written something in only a minute. Anyone who has ever met me, heard of me, seen me walking by on the street, or been in the same crowded arena as me knows that I’m far too long winded to keep any writing down to a minute. However, I am going to use her prompts to give me something to write about in an attempt to always keep something new on my blog for my faithful reader(s). Fair warning, though, since I’m just using her prompts to think of something to write, they will probably rarely be the actual prompt for the day. Continue reading “One-Minute Writer: Child’s Play”