A new life – The last last and the first first

So I had my last last on Sunday. I said my goodbyes to some friends and my kids at church who I will miss deeply. There were a lot of tears. Several of the kids and a few adults actually met me at Starbucks to visit a little before we finally said goodbye. There were more tears. The ladies sitting at the next table over actually told us that we started them crying as we all said goodbye. It’s a good feeling to be as accepted as I’ve been there, but it’s also sad to leave. Continue reading “A new life – The last last and the first first”

Friday 5 Monday – Labor Day Edition

1. What are the coolest and ugliest tattoos you’ve ever seen?

I’ve never been the greatest tattoo fan. The coolest would have to be in idea rather than in actual appearance. I have a friend who was starting a new chapter in life and leaving some stuff behind her. She got a character representing the past (it was a hebrew letter – I don’t actually recall the letter or the symbolism beyond). The reason I found it interesting is that she had the tattoo put on the sole of her foot so she was literally walking on the past. I found that to be interesting. For ugliest, I don’t really have an answer. Like I said, since I’m not really a tattoo guy, I have never paid attention. Continue reading “Friday 5 Monday – Labor Day Edition”

Washington DC – Great visit to a friend and more walking than EVER!

So I visited Ana in Washington DC for the weekend. I tried two new restaurants to do some reviews, and walked around the city. I will be putting up my reviews over on Memoirs of a Foodie soon as well as some pictures from the trip, here, but I wanted to share the walking part (since that is so odd for me). Continue reading “Washington DC – Great visit to a friend and more walking than EVER!”

A Revelation

I hope this post doesn’t come across as particularly emo, but it probably will.

First off, to understand where it is coming from, you have to understand that the last few years have been some of the darkest spiritual time in my life, and they came to a head the end of last year. In the last half of December, I was in a pit that felt like there was no way out. Continue reading “A Revelation”