Academic Work

This page is some of the work I completed at the seminary. I suspect no one will ever find it interesting, but I’m putting it here for all to see, anyway. Why? Because I can – And you can’t stop me.

Please don’t steal this material. If you use a piece of my research or material, feel free to use it and cite it appropriately. If you need to know where I got something, feel free to drop me a line.


Philosophical Ethics

PH 201 – Relativism
PH 201 – Virtue Ethics
PH 201 – Utilitarianism
PH 201 – Deontology
PH 301 – Natural Law

Philosophy of God

PH 202 – Philosophy of God: Descartes to Pascal
PH 202 – Aquinas on God’s Will
PH 203 – Aquinas on Sin Presentation
PH 203 – Aquinas and the Question of Being, Order, Evil, and Privation
PH 301 – Personalism’s Response to the Disintegration of the Family


Dogmatic Theology

DT 101 – The Catholic Church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic
DT 501 – The Bible Made Impossible Book Review
DT 501 – Precis: Ratzinger – Faith and Theology
DT 501 – Precis: Congar – The Meaning of Tradition, Chapter IV: The Monuments or Witnesses of Tradition
DT 501 – Precis: Brad Gregory – The Unintended Reformation, Chapter I: Excluding God
DT 504 – Book Review on Christianity Among Other Religions
DT 504 – Book Review on Spirit and Forms of Protestantism


SL 502 – History and Theology of the Roman Canon
SL 505 – Love and Responsibility Book Review
SL 506 – Clerical Obligations of Celibacy, Obedience, Prayer, and Simplicity of Life
SL 506 – The Ordained and Common Priesthood A reflection on their relationships to each other and the Priesthood of Christ

Pastoral Theology

PT 501 – Pastors: Servants of the Lay Faithful Paper
PT 501 – Avery Cardinal Dulles: Reflections on the Priesthood as Priest, Prophet, and King
PT 501 – Diary of a Country Priest
PT 504 – Change Your Brain Change Your Life Book Report

Sacred Scripture

SS 102 – A Brief Introduction to the Apocalypse of John
SS 502 – Sons of God, Daughters of Men, and Giants- An Exegesis of Genesis 6:1-4
SS 503 – Exegesis Paper on 2 Kings 2.23-25 Elisha and the Curse of the She Bears
SS 504 – Exegesis Paper on The Annunciation (Luke 1 26-38)
SS 505 – Predestination in Paul’s Letters
SS 506 – Do You Love Me? An Exegesis of the Final Conversation between Jesus and Peter
SS 508 – An Analysis of Psalm 91

Spiritual Theology

SpT 201 – Thérèse of Lisieux
SpT 201 – The Parish as a School of Prayer
SpT 202 – Journey Back to Eden Reflection
SpT 202 – Merton and King: The Path from Spirituality to Activism
SpT 501 – Guigo the Carthusian: The Ladder of Monks and Implications for Modern Life
SpT 504 – The Spirituality of the Ordained Priesthood According to Augustine

Canon Law

CL 505 – Canonical and Theological Analysis Concerning Single-Again Persons
CL 505 – Canonical Reflection on Marriage in Society

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