Bishop Choby on the recent healthcare decisions by the Government

One of my brother seminarians from Nashville has posted our bishop’s response to the recent rulings by the government regarding the ongoing healthcare debate. He wrote it up well, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, but instead, I am going to send you on to read what he wrote. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to do a trackback on his blog, so we’re going to handle this with a good old fashioned hyperlink.


By way of analogy, the President’s mandate would be similar to his having the U.S. Department of Agriculture proclaim an edict that all restaurants [editor: including Jewish Kosher restaurants] must sell and propogate pork, and that Jews would have a year to comply. The President’s policy forces persons with good-faith conscientious objections to violate their consciences.

The Bishop’s action-items are spot-on: (1) pray; (2) know the issue; and (3) contact public officials, particularly in the executive branch, and get them to change the policy.

Read the rest here.

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