Washington DC – Great visit to a friend and more walking than EVER!

So I visited Ana in Washington DC for the weekend. I tried two new restaurants to do some reviews, and walked around the city. I will be putting up my reviews over on Memoirs of a Foodie soon as well as some pictures from the trip, here, but I wanted to share the walking part (since that is so odd for me).

There are three maps, here that are my rough walking paths from the weekend (for the longer portions – I had to walk about half a mile after church to find an ATM and all the walking inside the Smithsonian isn’t even considered, here).

1. Saturday morning to breakfast and wandering around with Ana
We then took a break for a bit to sit and chat and caught a cab to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
2. After the Museum
3. Sunday after brunch

My legs hurt.

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