Friday Five version 1.0

I’ve decided to try the Friday 5. I’m going to be starting a new chapter in life, soon, and I think that I’d like to keep a blog to share and record that experience. I doubt anyone will read it, still, but I’m going to do it, anyway – at least say I am.

1. What did the last hat you wore look like?

This one is easy. That wasn’t too long ago. The last hat I wore was my fedora. I am on a quest to bring hats back into style, so, until more recently, I was wearing a hat daily. I have three of them: a fedora, a bowler, and a classic top hat.

2. What’s your strategy for unscrewing those stubborn jar-lids?

I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a meaningful strategy. I just tap it on the countertop and keep trying.

3. How good are you at keeping a lid on it?

That answer entirely depends on what I need to keep a lid on. Based on my chosen career path, I certainly hope I can keep a lid on things when necessary.

4. Here in Hawaii, people are often very self-conscious about their eyelids. How do you feel about yours?

I have never even thought about this question. I sincerely have no feelings related to my eyelids.

5. Are you acquainted with anyone named Lydia?

I am not. A close friends sister is, however, named this. I’m fairly certain that I have met her at least once, so I guess that answer is a lie. I believe I am, at the least, acquainted with someone named Lydia.

I pulled the questions from here:
Get some yourself, if you want.

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