Start Spreadin’ The Neeeews

I’m mixing things up here. I’m writing this one from Ale House instead of Starbucks. I know, I’m so adventurous.

Well, I went to visit a friend this weekend. I spent 2 days in Providence, RI. To be accurate, I slept in Providence for 2 nights. I didn’t actually spend much of any time in Providence.

Krispy Kreme is Still Better
My first observation (which I owe to Erin) is that Providence (and the surrounding areas) appears to be the Dunkin Donuts capital of the world. There were at least 2 of them in about a mile stretch of road that had the hotel. It became a bit of a goal driving down the road to point out the Dunkin Donuts we saw (and there were a LOT of them).

New York City. City of Ten Thousand Dreams… and One Parking Space
Saturday, we went to New York. Ok, to be honest, we were supposed to go to New Haven to meet up with a friend of Erin’s who lives in New York, Willow. Unfortunately, about 20 minutes from New Haven, we got a call from Willow to let us know that she’d overslept, and she wouldn’t be meeting us on time in New Haven. We decided to just go into the City to meet up with her. To be honest, I had no objection, here. I was actually looking forward to it, and I was hoping to go to my culinary school for dinner. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it. We did eat at an interesting little Korean vegetarian tea house called Franchia. Then we got some Starbucks and sat on the pedistal of a sculpture on (I think) Lexington and made fun of people and chatted. It was a bit of a realization how much I miss living in The City. I loved living in New York. Unfortunately, at the time I hated it. There were 2 reasons for that, I think. First, I was lonely. I didn’t really know anyone in the city, and making new friends has never really been in my repertoire. So, in the end, I stayed pretty much alone, and I was miserable. Second, I was empty. I talked about this a lot more in another post, so I won’t go into it, but, even though I was doing school and stuff, I wasn’t really living for anything. It was one of the darkest times I’ve ever lived. Finally, at the end of our afternoon in New York, Willow had to go meet another friend to see a dance concert, and Erin and I wandered up Fifth Avenue to visit a couple shops and Saint Patricks. It’s a beautiful church, and I spent a moment to say a prayer for Cardinal O’Connor and Fulton Sheen, both of whom have had a great influence on me in different ways.

Trains here and abroad
One memorable moment on the trip up to New York was the train station in Southport. I realized in this “station” that the rail system in the US in in serious trouble. First of all, we were at this station for a good 20 minutes, and we could not find a schedule or timetable or any way to know when the train would arrive/leave or when we could catch a train back from Grand Central Station. Even worse, we couldn’t even figure out what track to use to catch the train. That detail was doubly important at this “station” since we couldn’t get quickly from one track to the other. To go from Track 1 to Track 2 required driving to another section of the station. So, I finally gave in and called up MTA to ask about the timetable and the track. We finally drove to another station and took the train from a larger station.

Pahk Yah Cah in the Hahvahd Yahd
Sunday, we drove up to Boston. To be accurate, originally, we drove to Cambridge, which is a completely different city from the Cambridge in Boston. Erin was nice enough to give me a ride up to see the graves of my ancestors who were some of the founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. We got lost driving from point to point in Boston and around Harvard for about 2 hours. We finally did find it, and we spend NINE DOLLARS to park the car for about an hour so I could get a couple quick pictures of 18th century family headstones. I guess the most important observations from that part of the trip were that Boston/Harvard drivers are really not nice and Starbucks near Harvard have some of the most disgusting bathrooms imaginable.

From there, Erin dropped me off at the airport, and I headed home. Overall, it was a fun trip. It was great getting to see Erin and hang out for a few days.

Here endeth the rambling.

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