On Cars and Other Things (But Not Cabbages and Kings)

I’m back in Starbucks.

The same one.

I know I said that I was waiting for delivery of my Prius, but that failed to happen. I called my Toyota dealership to get the final paperwork printed so when the car arrived, I’d be able to pick it up and leave with all the papers signed and everything. Unfortunately, the Toyota dealer started playing games and, in the end, refused to sell me a car. To make it even MORE amusing, they called my dad a liar and refused to sell him his car, either. The dealer made several very amusing claims about the reason this was happening, but when I stopped to look at the facts, it was pretty clear that they just realized they could make more money by putting our cars on the lot and selling them at a premium since both Dad and I had negotiated pretty good prices on them.

Final solution: I went next door and bought a Honda. I’m now driving my brand spankin’ new Honda Civic, and I’m quite happy with the outcome. I think my favorite part of all this was after I bought the Honda, I had them call the Toyota dealer and tell ’em to come pick up the loaner car I’d been driving. It’s a little petty, but it was fun (and, in my defense, the dealerships are around the corner from each other, and the Toyota dealer was closed when I finished my paperwork).

I also bought more plane tickets. I’ve got a lot of travelling in the next few weeks. Next week, I’m going to Tennessee for my nephew’s Confirmation. I got a call last month asking me to be his sponsor, so I’m flying up for the ceremony. This also means I can get my parents off my back to go see their new home. The end of the month, a friend of mine is visiting from the UK. Unfortunately, she’s visiting Providence, RI, not Florida, so I’m flying up there for a weekend.

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