Nothing if not predictable

It’s true. I’m back in Starbucks.

Remember that threat of rambling from the title of my blog? That’s what you are gonna get now.

It’s been a pretty busy week.

Saturday – The diocese ordained two new priests. I went to the ordination mass. I’ve always loved those major rituals of the Church. It was an interesting feeling attending the ordination. The most memorable part for me wasn’t actually the rite of ordination or anything unusual to the Mass. The most memorable part for me was actually communion. I wish I could say that it was something supernatural or uber-religous, but I can’t. In another entry, I mentioned that I’d been asked to leave my parish. Well, one of the most painful parts of that ordeal was the fact that the Pastor of the parish refused to meet with me or talk to me. I felt like I’d been completely abandoned and cut loose in the wind. Well, there were probably a good ten or twenty stations distributing the Eucharist in the cathedral. So, I’m kneeling there before communion, and I look up, and, Of all the stations in the cathedral, that priest comes walking up the to station for the area I’m sitting. Cue internal battle. I seriously considered not receiving communion because I didn’t know if I could handle receiving from him. In the end, I did go up and receive the Body of Christ from him; that may have been the biggest healing step I’ve been able to take in all this. I had to finally forgive him and let go of a lot of anger to do that. Who knows? Perhaps it was a major religious experience. God likes teaching me things in very difficult ways. I guess that’s my reward for being so stubborn.

Tuesday – I flew to Nashville. I must admit, I like the changes to Southwest’s boarding system. The old Cattle Call system forced you to start standing in line an hour or more before the flight was to leave. This way, you are guaranteed your space in line, and it’s unnecessary to line up until the flight is actually boarding. I will admit that I’ve always liked the attitude on the planes from them. I’ve always been annoyed by people taking their jobs too seriously, and, I don’t know if it is encouraged or just allowed on Southwest, but the playful attitude is certainly welcome.

Wednesday – This was actually the reason I was in Tennessee. My nephew was receiving Confirmation and he’d asked me to be his sponsor. The Confirmation Mass was at the cathedral in Nashville. I was staying at my parents’ house in Red Boiling Springs (more on that later). So we had an hour and a half drive to get to the cathedral. As always, the Confirmation Mass was a beautiful ceremony. After the Mass, I snuck (technically, I wasn’t sneaking since I asked the priest who was the MC during the Mass and he told me to go) into the Sacristy while the Bishop was getting out of his vestments to have him bless a medal for my nephew.

Thursday – I spent the day relaxing in my parents’ town of Red Boiling Springs. Let’s be clear, this town gives backwoods a whole new meaning. In the entire county, there are exactly two traffic lights. I would actually like to visit the town and places like it to clear my head on occasion, but I can’t take more than a few days of it. It’s a little too southern for me. I went with my mother to the grocery store. She told the lady who ran the store that we had to get going because there was food cooking, and we needed to get back. Instead of letting us go, the lady said, “So what’re you cookin’,” and kept us for another 15 minutes. Good… Lord…

The other big news on Thursday is that my parents picked up Mom’s new Prius. I did badger my dad into letting me drive it to the airport because I wanted to play a little. It was quite a nice car.

So, I finally flew back home from Tennessee and returned to work Friday.

Which brings me to Starbucks today. Long weekend this weekend. Short week next week. Next weekend, I fly up to Providence to visit a friend.

Don’t worry, I’ll write more, soon. It will be just as rambling, though. I’m a ramblin’ man.

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